shopping Pvt. Ltd. is an e- commerce online platform, designed to bring sellers and buyers together, closer than in real life, to solve their  B2C requirements.  iIndianyouths available as a website as well as a Mobile application (hereinafter referred to as On Indianyouth you can find all the types of products possible, from fruits and vegetables to machineries, and anything that is allowed to be sold and purchased on an online shopping destination, as provided by the law. The unique advantage of the platform is that, once a participant, whether a buyer or seller is registered on the platform, than the participant can be a buyer or a seller simultaneously, to cover his/her business needs and to provide their products for sale at the same time. There is huge potential for new manufactures/wholesalers to capture market share without spending on infrastructure. They can increase their turnovers with simple steps of registering on our website/mobile app.